IT Strategy and Project Planning

Whether it’s a Long Term IT Strategy or project specific, planning for what you’re aiming to achieve is key.

A Long Term IT Strategy should be considered alongside all other business strategy plans and aligned to support achieving your organisational goals.

Then at a project level, it is essential to ensure the foundations have been laid for success and all potential risks & obstacles considered.

What does a successful outcome look like?

Have we gathered all the data we need?

Has everyone been included in the decision process?

Where could there be resistance to change?

Does Senior Management and the Board have ownership and accountability?

Do we have the resources we need – internal and external?

Is our Project Plan and Project Management methodology robust?

Has the decision been communicated and explained clearly?

How do we overcome this?

Whether it’s with the long term vision or a more immediate focus, we can help ensure the key components are recognised and planned for with our consulting, training and workshops.

We bring Experience, Knowledge and Integrity to your process.

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