The IT Forest

Q: How does my business navigate through the bewildering array of technologies and solutions?

Q: There are a lot of technologies out there. How do I know what is useful for me?

Q: The pace of change is increasing. How do I stay up-to-date?

Q: There are so many options to choose from. How do I know I’m choosing the right one?

Q: At times it feels like I have to commit to a stream. Will my choices now limit my future options?

Q: The range of costs is huge. How do I know what is good value?

Today, technology is intrinsically part of both your business and doing business. It is not optional and cannot be viewed as just an overhead.

Because of the speed at which advances are being made in software, hardware and delivery, technology decisions must be based on a strategic plan, and that plan must align with your business plans, be they sales, marketing, capital or strategy.

As with any specialist subject, it’s wise to seek sound advice from someone who not only understands technology but most importantly, how technology can benefit your business now, and (with reference to your plans) into the future.

Our advice when seeking the right advisor is to look for someone who:

  1. Is not just a consultant with a brief overview of your business in a narrow area, but learns about your organisation in its entirety.
  2. Will act as a technology partner; able to guide you through the forest of options and choices to help you make decisions that make sense for your business.
  3. Is committed to understanding your business; your plans, how your people work and your budget.

Avoid someone who suggests, what appears to be, a fleeting relationship with your business.

As with any partner – trust is important. And it’s a two way street; consult them and listen to them. The end result will be informed decisions based around considered advice.

Having worked across a broad range of IT enterprises – from Microsoft through to founding and selling online retail websites starting nearly a decade ago now – Boris has always been excited by the possibilities and opportunities technology brings.

“I very much enjoy change and the potential to do things smarter, faster, and more efficiently. Particularly in how this applies to business. Although the pace of change and range of options can be daunting, I find that invigorating and love helping others create their own vision.”
Boris Lamont – Lamont International



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